Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's get back on the horse and train.

Mon: 8 miles/56:01. Two miles easy then 4 in 18 minutes then two easy. Felt good, hard but good. No pain is a good sign. I think the ankle is going to be good in no time.
Tues: Off

Friday, September 24, 2010

recovery week

Mon. Off
Tues. Off
Wed. Work out. My legs actually feel really good. My ankle is another story. It wasn't bad enough to stop me from running so I went with it. Andy was dong 200's in 2:20 so I figured I could run two 200's with him @ 35 for a easy workout. That actually felt really good for six so I did a couple of 400's @ 71 then a couple more 2's. It took a while to get warmed up but this workout felt really easy which I take for a really good sign. I am supper excited about how I feel. I will build up my mileage this winter and see what happens next year. total today 9
Thur. Off
Fri. Off
Sat. Off
Sun. 15 with Angella. This was an easy run but better than nothing. I'll just have to go hard tomorrow.
Total: 24
Yearly: 360.5

Pisgah 50k

I already said it at Glenn and Gina's house after the race, and I will say it again. Nobody should ever run that hard or that long. Next year I'm running sub 4:30!
I thought I ran very conservatively, I felt great until about 11 miles when I rolled my right ankle pretty bad. I can often run through rolled ankles, this one had me scared. It reminded me of seven sisters. I tried but had to walk/limp for a mile to the aid station. My week mind actually thought about dropping out, Only for a second! After stretching and massaging and letting 10 people go by I decided to hop along to the finish in hopes it would some how feel better. This went on for 8 miles. it started to feel better just before the first kilburn stop, then it started to feel better(numb) so I could actually run with a decent stride again. It all came together when I saw someone infront of me. Thats what put in into my second wind and kept me there when I passed the next to runners, and was somehow able to hold it to the finish. I can't even explain how good it felt to get to the road and push the pace again after slogging over the ridge, and Davis, and Hubbard. Yeah, I finished. That was the best part of the day, but I honestly think I could have run 15-20 minutes faster had I not rolled and ankle. Enough belly aching. No excuses. I ran the best I could have, and will do better next year.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

If you race well, you must train harder

Mon: off
Tues: 11 easy
Wed: Workout, 8x800 around 2:45. Thats what it turned out to be anyway. I was going to run miles, then ran the first 800 to fast and decided to do all 800's. Brent Wilmot showed up from Claremont which was just about right to push me through a great workout. We hit all the eights around 2:45. I felt good afterwards which is a good sign.
Sat: 8
Week Total:46
Yearly Total: 336.5

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eligah's Race half marathon

run foolishly, set a pr. running never makes sense.
previous 1:23:20
new one 1:23:05
I probably should not be as excited as I am. The only reason I am is the fact that I just ran a pr after only running 30 to 40 miles a week. I really think its time to start ratcheting up the miles through the winter, which I have never done before, just to see how next year turns out.
The race: I told myself I wanted to go out at 6:15 just to see how it feels. The pack took off and left me way back at what I thought was a slow pace. The guy next to me kept checking his watch everytime it beeped so I figured he must have a gps, upon my foolish decision to ask what pace he was shooting for. He told me 6:20 and we were a little ahead, which sounded good to me. At the mile marker my watch told a different story. 5:59, NOT AGAIN! Why do I all ways do this. Time to slow down. 2 mile mark, 12:01, Yeah, thats what I'm thinking. 3 miles, 17:59. Well, its to late to worry about ruining the race now, still feels really easy, lets see how far this goes. 4 miles, 24:07, still going, 5 miles, 30 flat. I ran a 5 mile race 2 months ago slower. I missed the six mile mark but could really start to fell the early pace setting in my legs, stupid is as stupid does, time to push. 7 miles, 43:02. Things are really starting to get tough now. Come on legs, lets just keep at a 6:30 pace and we can get a pr. Yeah right, easier said than done. 9 miles, 56:00 flat. I hate getting passed late in a race. When he went by I screamed at my legs to respond. 10 miles, 1:02:36, legs not responding. 11 miles, 1:o9:02. Ok, my legs don't want to respond and they are drastically slowing down now. Next tactic up, arms, pump those arms, come on arms, don't fail me now. Ah Yah. Its working. That was the hardest mile of the race, I was able to get back on pace, 12 miles, 1:15:31. Lets roll, time to hammer the last up hill. OK, its a small, plastic, toy hammer, but it worked. All down hill to the finish. Coming across the flat, oh great, spectators, I must look great, bent over at the waste, toes dragging, knuckles dragging, tounge dragging, come on, look strong. Push through the finish. OH Yeah! 1:23:o5. Next year, sub 1:20.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Legs are mad, telling me I need more miles.

Mon: 8 with 6 miles of tempo @ 6:10 pace. I probably went to fast, but I felt so darn good.
Tues: off
Wed: Track, 8x200, 2x400. The plan for the 200's were to do 3@36, 3@34, 3@32. I went to fast for the first 3, then paid for it in the end only able to muster 2 @ 32. I felt guilty for not finishing so I ran 2 400's, first one in 79 and the second one in 73. I felt good after some rest. Hope I didn't compromise the half this weekend. I would like to run in the low 80's, I just don't know if I have been putting in enough mileage to do that.
Thur: 6 miles in Fox Forest trails in Hillsboro. I have fallen in love with my new shoes. The Nike Lunar Fly. Very smooth and comfortable. They feel like cushy slippers. My feet are loving me for putting them on.
Fri: off
Sat: off
Sun: 18 total, half marathon-1:23:05
Weekly total:39
Yearly total: 290.5

Still feeling good, Still need more miles.

Mon: 8 easy
Tues: off
Wed: track, 2x2mile@12:00 with 400 rest. I ran the first one in 11:41, thought it was way to fast, but it felt so darn good. The second one I forced myself to slow down, 11:57 and felt very happy about the effort. Should have no problem qualifying for Boston, I do have a thought about maybe going sub 3:00 this fall in a marathon. I just need to find one to get into after the 50k. I am excited about the 50k, but I feel my goal of just finishing might be the right thing to do if I am thinking about a marathon later on. total for today- 8
Thur: off
Fri: off
Sat: off
Sun: 8 very hilly at noon time with no shade on the roads in Maine. This was the only run I could get in this weekend. I bothers me but I guess it is better than nothing.
Week total: 24
Yearly total: 251.5

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Feeling good, need more mileage.

Mon: off
Tues: off
Wed: Keenyan workout. Ran 200's with Justin. 8x200 in whatever Justin felt like doing. I was just there to hang on. It was actually a good workout for me. I love to run fast. The first one was in 31 seconds, then fell into a few at 32. I had one bad one in 34 but came right back to run the last one in 29.54. It felt really good to run hard. I still had some energy left so I did a couple of 400's around 74,75. I am going to have to get some longer workouts in next week. total today 7 miles
Thur: off
Fri: 8 hilly miles on the trails.
Sun:I ran 17 this morning with Bill Gillard. Felt really good the whole time. I had to reign myself in. this is just a long run, no need to hammer. I then went straight to Mount Monadnock for a great hike with Angella. She must have felt really good because she really pushed the pace to the top. Ended up being a great day with a lot of calories burned.
Week Total: 35, I really need to start getting more miles in. I am in a serious hunt for mileage. I need to be ready to finish the 50K!!!
Yearly: 247.5

Keep trying to find time

Mon: 10, calf felt ok
Tues: off
Wed: Work out, 1600@5:53, 1200@4:32, 800@2:50, 800@2:55, 400@72. Felt ok. Just went out with what ever I felt like doing with each repeat. Felt strange to have no plan or goal but I think the workout worked for something, just don't know what yet. Next week will have to be more organized. 8 miles
Thur: off
Fri: 0ff
Sat: off, had to get ready for Angella's party. We all had a great day
Sun: 23 very hilly, actually did a couple of hill repeats during the run. Trying to get ready for Pisgah. 2:54:34
Week Total: 41
Yearly: 212.5

Friday, July 30, 2010

week 5

Monday: off
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 8x400, 400 rest. 75 seconds to 78 seconds. Felt good, but a little discouraged, always want to go faster. total 8 miles
Thursday: off
Friday: off
Saturday: 8 easy
Sunday: 20 in 2:24:39, felt good, a little tight in my left calf. Plenty of energy left.
Week Total: 36
Yearly Total: 171.5

Monday, July 19, 2010

Time to find more miles, week 4

Monday: 5.5 easy pm, legs felt very heavy tonight. Hope to lighten up for Wednesday workout.
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: Wed. workout with Keenyans. 12x200@35. 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down for a total of 7, I didn't have a watch so I just followed Wilson. I had to watch the kids so I missed a few, I think Wilson did 14. I could not handle and more anyway, just getting back to training is reminds you of how fast we loose fitness and how hard it is to get it back.
Thursday: off
Friday: off
Saturday: Dublin 5k, mile splits- 5:20, 6:00, 7:30. I tried to go out hard and just hang on to the last mile which is all up hill and just make a good workout with it. I slowed to much on the hill but still felt pretty good. total 6 miles.
Sunday: 14 am with Bill Gillard - 7:25 pace. , 12 with Angella in afternoon. total 26 for the day. Feel great.
Week total: 44.5
Yearly Total: 135.5

Monday, July 12, 2010

Miles, Miles, Miles, Week 3

Tuesday:3, easy
Wednesday:8.5 with track, 4.5 warmup, 4x200@36, 6x400@72, 400 recovery on each, 2 cooldown.
Thursday: off, time is the key, I can't seem to find the time.
Friday: I found a little time to get out today. 8 miles no watch, pouring rain, lightning, thunder, 3 inches of water on the road, I love running.
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 12 am with Bill Gillard/ 11pm with Angella pushing Jace in the stroller. Not easy.
Total Week: 42.5
Total Consecutive: 91

Two in a row

Monday: Summer Sizzler with Fila. 2.5, 16:27, felt aweful, but fun
Tuesday: 8 no watch
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: off
Saturday: Moxie day 5k in Lisbon Me. Very tough, HILLS, HILLS, HILLS. 18:31. Very Pleased with my time. Won my division with 480 people in the race. total 6 miles
Sunday: Off, hungover.
Total Week: 16.5, didn't build any fitness this week.
Total Consecutive: 48.5

Sunday, June 27, 2010

First week back again

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 8 miles, 1:04
Wednesday: 7 miles, 56 minutes
Thursday: 8 miles, 57 minutes
Friday: off
Saturday: off
Sunday: 9 miles, not watch
Total week: 32
Total consecutive: 32
Felt good, just need more mileage.

Trying to get back on track

It's been a while since blogging or running. I was volunteered to coach a middle school baseball team, didn't really have time but the kids would not have a team otherwise. It was a lot of fun although took all my time away from running. Boy is it hard to get started again after a layoff.

I did a couple of runs with Angella to help her leading up to the Mount Washington race, which she did awesome, for anybody, especially considering her condition. 2 hours 16 minutes. Congratulations Angella, you are my hero. Know she is thinking about Boston Marathon. You go girl!!

Anyway, I have figured out a schedule for my self and am looking to get back to training it a bad way, miles and miles here I come. Lets do it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

week 5

Mon. 9 total, five on roads and 4 on treadmill
Tues. off
Wed. 7 total.Wednesday workout was great. 3 mile warm up. 400@72,800@2:32,800@2:40, 400@75, 200@31,200@32,200@32,200@33, 1.5 mile cool down with Angella. I felt fast, I need more endurance, hence bigger mileage. It was hot but felt good. Its been a long time since we ran in the heat. I was VERY excited that Ang. was able to come out and run. I am so happy to see her out there. Justin said in his blog that she is superwoman, I would agree with that!
Thur. Off
Fri. Off

Sat. 9 miles, 1:01:34, felt good, very comfortable
Week Total:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 4

Mon: 4 miles easy on treadmill
Tues: 10 at moderate pace
Wed: 4 easy on treadmill
Thur: off
Fri: off
Sat: 7.5 very hilly, tough run but felt good
Sun: off
Week Total: 25.5, Its a bit frustrating trying to find the time. I feel really good, but tired. Long weeks at work and not enough sleep are catching up with me. My legs feel great and feel strong, I just need to build my mileage up to get some endurance.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hard time finding time

Mon. 4 easy(30:00)
Tues. 4 treadmill(27:00), incline repeats
Wed. 9, 3 warm up, 3x400@ 1:18, 1:15, 1:16, 2x800 @ 2:57, 2:53, 1x400 @ 1:13, 3 cool down, felt pretty good. My legs were a little heavy on the 400's, probably due to the repeats on Tues. night. There was a big turnout at the workout, 12 I think. It is great to see such a crowd of all different levels. I won't make it to the workout next week but i will be there on the following Wed.
Thur. Off
Fri. Off
Sat. Fast Friends 4.5, Surprised myself. 27:49, 6th place. mile 1(6:12), mile 2(6:12), mile 3(6:07), mile 4(6:19), last 1/2 mile(2:59). 2 mile warm up 4.5 cooldown with the Keenyans. Total 11 miles.
Sun. 10 easy
Week total: 38

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

week 2, getting excited

It was great to be able to see the group on Saturday at Justin's house. Just being around such a group gives me motivation and excitement to start training again. I am planning on starting workouts with the Keenyans on Wednesdays. Should be alot of fun. Now to just get fit enough to hit some long runs.

Monday - 4m/27:28, felt good just ran out of time.
Tuesday - the dreaded off day, looking foward to workout.
Wednesday- what a workout. My first one back and It felt great. Running with the Keenyans can make anybody motivated to run fast. Looking foward to hitting these everyweek.
7x400 full rest, 2x200 200 recovery
400's - 68,75,73,76,75,72,71
2oo's - 30,31
I was able to hang on a little faster than I thought I could. Although I wish I could have done one more 4 and two more 2's. Maybe next time. Total of 9.5 with warm up and cool down.
Thursday - 5m/ 41:07, easy run to loosen things up, a little tight after yesterday's workout.
Friday - 0 miles, had to work late.
Saturday - 9m/1:07:21
Sunday - Was hoping for a long run but didn't happen.
Week Total:28.5
This was a bad week. I will have to find a way to get more miles in next week and there after.

Friday, March 12, 2010

1st week back

After alot of time off I am finally finding the motivation to get back to it. I have some pretty big goals to go after if I can find the time to train for them. Angella is feeling great and is starting to train for the Mt. Washington race. My hat is off to her, she is such an inspiration. I have no reason to complain about anything.

Mon.- 8 on the roads/1:01:22
Tues- 6 on the roads/ 44:47
Wed.- 3 with Angella and Bryant, 3 on the treadmill
Thur.- off
Fri.- 4 pushing Peyton in the stroller, 1/2 mile repeats uphill in 4:00
Sat.- 8 /1:00, legs starting to feel heavy
Sun.-10/1:20, 5:30 am, raining buckets, actually the buckets were coming sideways. I saw one car that slowed down and just stared at me. What were they thinking? I was thinking this sucks but after I recover I will be a couple of seconds faster than last week.
week total-42

Overall I feel pretty good about this week. Looking at my mileage and times I am a little sad and slightly ashamed. I guess I have to start somewhere. One thing I have learned over the past year is we all need endurance just to get through life. Sometimes when I start to lose hope I know I can always look down and just keep putting one foot in front of the other to keep moving foward.