Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eligah's Race half marathon

run foolishly, set a pr. running never makes sense.
previous 1:23:20
new one 1:23:05
I probably should not be as excited as I am. The only reason I am is the fact that I just ran a pr after only running 30 to 40 miles a week. I really think its time to start ratcheting up the miles through the winter, which I have never done before, just to see how next year turns out.
The race: I told myself I wanted to go out at 6:15 just to see how it feels. The pack took off and left me way back at what I thought was a slow pace. The guy next to me kept checking his watch everytime it beeped so I figured he must have a gps, upon my foolish decision to ask what pace he was shooting for. He told me 6:20 and we were a little ahead, which sounded good to me. At the mile marker my watch told a different story. 5:59, NOT AGAIN! Why do I all ways do this. Time to slow down. 2 mile mark, 12:01, Yeah, thats what I'm thinking. 3 miles, 17:59. Well, its to late to worry about ruining the race now, still feels really easy, lets see how far this goes. 4 miles, 24:07, still going, 5 miles, 30 flat. I ran a 5 mile race 2 months ago slower. I missed the six mile mark but could really start to fell the early pace setting in my legs, stupid is as stupid does, time to push. 7 miles, 43:02. Things are really starting to get tough now. Come on legs, lets just keep at a 6:30 pace and we can get a pr. Yeah right, easier said than done. 9 miles, 56:00 flat. I hate getting passed late in a race. When he went by I screamed at my legs to respond. 10 miles, 1:02:36, legs not responding. 11 miles, 1:o9:02. Ok, my legs don't want to respond and they are drastically slowing down now. Next tactic up, arms, pump those arms, come on arms, don't fail me now. Ah Yah. Its working. That was the hardest mile of the race, I was able to get back on pace, 12 miles, 1:15:31. Lets roll, time to hammer the last up hill. OK, its a small, plastic, toy hammer, but it worked. All down hill to the finish. Coming across the flat, oh great, spectators, I must look great, bent over at the waste, toes dragging, knuckles dragging, tounge dragging, come on, look strong. Push through the finish. OH Yeah! 1:23:o5. Next year, sub 1:20.