Thursday, September 2, 2010

Legs are mad, telling me I need more miles.

Mon: 8 with 6 miles of tempo @ 6:10 pace. I probably went to fast, but I felt so darn good.
Tues: off
Wed: Track, 8x200, 2x400. The plan for the 200's were to do 3@36, 3@34, 3@32. I went to fast for the first 3, then paid for it in the end only able to muster 2 @ 32. I felt guilty for not finishing so I ran 2 400's, first one in 79 and the second one in 73. I felt good after some rest. Hope I didn't compromise the half this weekend. I would like to run in the low 80's, I just don't know if I have been putting in enough mileage to do that.
Thur: 6 miles in Fox Forest trails in Hillsboro. I have fallen in love with my new shoes. The Nike Lunar Fly. Very smooth and comfortable. They feel like cushy slippers. My feet are loving me for putting them on.
Fri: off
Sat: off
Sun: 18 total, half marathon-1:23:05
Weekly total:39
Yearly total: 290.5


  1. I love the titles of your posts. I need way more mileage before I can even think about get tangled up with you in a snowshoe race! ;-) Good luck in the Half.

  2. Hey Clint, see you Sunday. This time I doubt I'll be passing you in the end. I'm shooting to keep to about 7:30 pace. Looks like we will get a break from the heat, so the running should feel good. Glad to see you are running so well.