Wednesday, May 25, 2011

get it together

I haven't been blogging, I have time to run, or time to blog, not both. Guess which takes priority? I haven't been putting in any big miles but the runs I am doing are going amazingly well. Judgeing from my workouts I think I am close to being in the best shape I have been in for this time of year. My tempo runs are getting longer and easier. The main problem is I haven't been able to get any long stuff in at this point. That all starts this weekend at Vermont City. Why not have my first long run of the season be 26.2 miles. Best to run before you crawl I always say. I am looking forward to a great summer. Angella is felling great and she wants to do more racing this year after the marathon. She is all set for her first 26.2 miler, a little nervous although she won't admit it. She is also excited to be raising money for research, she feels she has to do this to give back for her increasingly good health. This is her website for all those interested in helping her out. She is the strongest and most determined person I have ever met, and she puts it to good use. I keep my fingers crossed for luck and pray for her to have a long, happy and meaningful life. I love you Ang.