Sunday, August 22, 2010

Feeling good, need more mileage.

Mon: off
Tues: off
Wed: Keenyan workout. Ran 200's with Justin. 8x200 in whatever Justin felt like doing. I was just there to hang on. It was actually a good workout for me. I love to run fast. The first one was in 31 seconds, then fell into a few at 32. I had one bad one in 34 but came right back to run the last one in 29.54. It felt really good to run hard. I still had some energy left so I did a couple of 400's around 74,75. I am going to have to get some longer workouts in next week. total today 7 miles
Thur: off
Fri: 8 hilly miles on the trails.
Sun:I ran 17 this morning with Bill Gillard. Felt really good the whole time. I had to reign myself in. this is just a long run, no need to hammer. I then went straight to Mount Monadnock for a great hike with Angella. She must have felt really good because she really pushed the pace to the top. Ended up being a great day with a lot of calories burned.
Week Total: 35, I really need to start getting more miles in. I am in a serious hunt for mileage. I need to be ready to finish the 50K!!!
Yearly: 247.5

Keep trying to find time

Mon: 10, calf felt ok
Tues: off
Wed: Work out, 1600@5:53, 1200@4:32, 800@2:50, 800@2:55, 400@72. Felt ok. Just went out with what ever I felt like doing with each repeat. Felt strange to have no plan or goal but I think the workout worked for something, just don't know what yet. Next week will have to be more organized. 8 miles
Thur: off
Fri: 0ff
Sat: off, had to get ready for Angella's party. We all had a great day
Sun: 23 very hilly, actually did a couple of hill repeats during the run. Trying to get ready for Pisgah. 2:54:34
Week Total: 41
Yearly: 212.5