Sunday, August 22, 2010

Keep trying to find time

Mon: 10, calf felt ok
Tues: off
Wed: Work out, 1600@5:53, 1200@4:32, 800@2:50, 800@2:55, 400@72. Felt ok. Just went out with what ever I felt like doing with each repeat. Felt strange to have no plan or goal but I think the workout worked for something, just don't know what yet. Next week will have to be more organized. 8 miles
Thur: off
Fri: 0ff
Sat: off, had to get ready for Angella's party. We all had a great day
Sun: 23 very hilly, actually did a couple of hill repeats during the run. Trying to get ready for Pisgah. 2:54:34
Week Total: 41
Yearly: 212.5

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