Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Mon: 0
Tues: 11m, work to in-laws, 1:23:41, just felt bad

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Mon: 0
Tues: 11m, work to in-laws for weekly dinner- 1:13:15
Wed, 9m, home to work-1:03:03
Thur: 18m total, 9m home to work, 9m work to home- no watch
Fri: 9m home to work
Total: 47 miles

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Mon: 4m on treadmill
Tues: 11m, work to in-laws in Richmond- 1:11:56, Felt like I could have kept on going. I still feel like I am getting stronger every week. Although my mileage isn't great, I have never had this much consistant training. I think next year will be a good year.
Wed: 9m, home to work-1:02:09
Thur: 18m total, 9m, home to work-1:02:21, 9m, work to home-1:04:33
Fri: 9m, home to work-1:05:07, legs felt heavy and the wind was brutal, but I made it.
Sat: 0
Sun: 14m-1:37:56
Total: 65m

Monday, December 5, 2011

week 12/5 - 12/11

Mon: 0
Tues: 9m, work to home-57:57, new pr for this run home.
Wed: 9m, home to work-1:03:22
Thur: 10m, work to home, wet and slushy-1:08:00
Fri: 9m, home to work-1:01:27
Sat: 9m, home to work-1:02:13
Sun: 0

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 11/28-12/4

Mon: 6m, lunch
Tues: 11m, work to in-laws in Richmond for dinner- 1:13:08
Wed: 12m total, 9m, home to work- 1:00:15, 3m pm on treadmill to warm up for core back and shouder workout at gym.
Thur: 17.5m total, 8.5m home to work-59:36, 9m work to home-1:01:31
Fri: 9m home to work-1:02:56, legs felt very heavy this morning, no snap. Result of yesterday's 17.5 in 2:01 total.
Sat: 0
Sun: 0
Total: 55.5m

Holiday week

Ran 13 on Thanksgiving and 8 on Sunday. Recovery week? Thats what I will call it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 11/14 - 11/20

Mon: 0
Tues: 15m total, 6m at lunch- fartlek, 9m work to home- 1:00:51
Wed: 8.5m home to work - 57:16
Thur: 18m total, home to work - 1:00:51, work to home - 1:o1:30
Fri: 9m, home to work - 1:02:47
Sat: 0
Sun: 8m
Total: 58.5m

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week of 11/7 - 11/13

Mon: 7m total, 5m at lunch, 2m after work.
Tues: 18m total, 9m home to work, 1:01:47, 9m work to home, 1:0:2:15
Wed: 9m home to work, 1:04:03, legs felt heavy and lethargic.
Thur: 0
Fri: 0
Sat: 9m home to work, 57:13, legs felt springy today.
Sun: 0

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week of 10/31 - 11/6

Mon: 0
Tues: 9m, home to work-1:04:37, biked 12 miles
Wed: 14m, 9m, home to work-1:03:51, 5 on treadmill-hills in pm.
Thur: 5m at lunch
Fri: 9m, home to work-1:01:22
Sat: 0
Sun: 9m
Total:46m, sinus infection is back, or never went away, another round of antibiotics. Hope I feel better next week.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week of 10/24-10/30

Mon: 14m total, 5m at lunch, 9m work to home - 1:01:30
Tues: 9m home to work- 1:02:50, biked 12 miles.
Wed: 8m, home to work- 58:38
Thur: 9m, work to home- 1:03:35, very dark and snowing hard, tough run, I loved it.
Fri: 9m, home to work - 1:01:27
Sat: 9m, home to work - 1:03:53
Sun: 0
Total: 58m

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week of 10/17-10/29

Mon: 13m total. 4 at lunch, 9 work to home - 59:22
Tues: 8.5m home to work, 59:47
Wed: 9m, home to work, 1:01:51
Thur: 6m, with workout. 6x400 with 400 rest. times- 70, 67, 69, 70, 66, 68. That 66 really hurt but I recovered well for the last one. This is all I had time to run, I wanted to run them all at 70 so I am very pleased with this workout. I still feel good and and improving every week.
Fri: 9m, home to work, 1:00:58
Sat: 0
Sun: 0
Total: 55.5m
New Nike fly's- 55.5m

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

week 10/10 - 10/16

Mon: 0
Tues: 12m total, 9m home to work, 1:01:51, 3m at lunch
Wed: 17m total. 9m, home to work, 1:03:47, 3 at lunch, 5 at work out- 200, 400, 200, 400, 200, 400, 800. times are 33, 69, 35, 68, 33, 39, 2:28. I am pleased with this workout. I think I could have gone faster on the 2's and still felt good.
Thur: 4m, lunch
Fri: 9m, home to work, no watch.
Sat: 6m total, 3 warm-up, 5k race, 2nd. in 17:29. I felt like I was going faster, this was a slow course. and maybe a little long. Still felt good. George Adams won in 16:42.
Sun: o
Total: 48m

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

week of 10/3-10/9

Mon: 5m around Keene Pm.
Tues: 14m total, 9m, home to work, 59:51, 5m, lunchtime
Wed: 14m total, 9m, home to work, 1:05:31, 5m workout. Goal- 3x1mile @ 5:30, 400 rest. Actual workout, 2xmile, 1x800. (5:31), (5:28), (2:41). The wind on the back stretch was absolutly rediculous. I knew in the first quarter that my goal was shot. But after the workout I realized I probably could have met my goals, which really excites me because I may be in better shape than I thought. I am more pleased with my workout more than I would have been if I completed the whole goal on a calm day.
Thur: 6m, lunch time
Fri: 8.5m, home to work, 1:03:51
Sat: 0
Sun: 15m, 1:56:07
Total: 61.5m
Week in review. I had a pretty good week overall. I have been battling what I believed to be a sinus infection for a couple of weeks. I can always tell because the pressure in my sinuses makes my upper teeth hurt when I run. So I was pretty sure this was the case. The fact that I hate taking medication makes me also hate going to the doctors. Finally I could not stand the pain any longer so on Thursday I went. Sure enough, sinus infection. Sure enough antibiotics. For some reason whenever I have been on antibiotics my running really suffers. My legs have no strength and and feel very heavy. Such was the case on my lsd on Sunday. I turned what I wanted of a 20m into a struggle to get 15. Still a good week. One more week on meds. then I can start to feel better again.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Mon: 9m, 1:4:25, work to home
Tues: 9m, 1:07:31, home to work
Wed: 9m, 1:04:57, home to work, workout. 2x1200, 400, 2x200. times- 4:08(82,86,80), 3:59(85,79,75), 70, 30, 31. All with 400 rest except the 200 had 200 rest. total daily mileage 14m.
Thur: 0
Fri: 9m, home to work, 58:35. I left the house 5 minutes late this morning so I pushed the pace to make up the time.
Sat: 8m, 1:01:12
Sun: 15.5m, felt ok at the start. First 8.5m at 7:30 pace or so, the last 7m under 7:oo minute pace. Felt strong on the finish. Should have and wanted to do more but I didn't want to increase my weekly mileage to fast. This is the biggest week I have run since 2005, and after reviewing old logs books I realized it is the third biggest week I have ever had. The two biggest being a 66m and a 75m leading up to my first marathon. Those were the closing weeks before a taper were as know I am just starting my base building through the winter for next year. I guess I see how it goes. Should be interesting.
Total: 64.5m and feeling good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

week 9/19-9/25

Mon: 9m, work to home, 1:06:27
Tues: 9m, home to work, 1:0:8:41, legs very tight and sore this morning,
Wed:4m with workout, 1xmile, 4x800. 5:59, 2:43, 2:41, 2:37, 2:36
Thur: 6m, rail trail
Fri: 9m, home to work, 1:o7:03
Sat: 0
Sun: 18m, lot of climbing, tough hill workout. 2:25:07 Spent the rest of the day swinging a splitting maul for a great core, back, and shoulder workout.
total: 55m

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pisgah 23k( or perhaps 30k, if you don't think clearly)

Race morning was a little chilly, which generally means for great racing weather this time of year. Today was no exception. Standing at the start was a little cool but it didn't take long to get warmed up. I did not do a warm up run, figured I didn't need to. By the first hill on Horseshoe road I was at a perfect running temp. I started out pretty conservatively, I knew I had some hard work ahead of me. At the split from the 50k guys is were I was able to see who I would be racing against. I was having one of those rare days where everything felt like it was clicking just right. I felt good. Justin and some other guy were about 150-200 yards ahead, which in the woods is barley in sight. Justin was just doing a training run, otherwise I would not have been able to see him at all. When we got to the right turn onto Resevoir I thought for a spit second that we needed to turn. Should have listened to my inner self. I know these trails really well. I have no excuses for not making the turn. Instead what transgressed was my lack of self confidence in decision making and I second guessed myself. I decided that the guys in front were the ones I needed to follow. I just did not want to lose sight of them. Big mistake. After 2 miles running down hill we realized we had missed the turn. Long run back up hill to find the trail, spirit broken. Once I got back up to the trail I almost ran straight back to the road and called it a day. I just couldn't bring my self to do it. I decided to hammer the course the best that I could and try to make up as much ground as I could. I felt confident pounding out the hills, relaxing on the down hills, and hammering the flats. It was actually a lot of fun passing people through out the rest of the race. The closer I got to the finish the harder it was to get past other runners, which made me have to push harder than I normally would have. Once I got to the road I was able to really lengthen my stride and push the pace to the finish. I made up alot of ground, but not enough. I think we added at least 3-4 miles on to the race. It was a beatiful day, great weather, amazing views. The course was well marked and handled. I love this race. Approx. 18 miles in 2:19. I'll take it. I hope to be back for the 50k next year or a least the 23.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

week 9/12-9/18

Mon: 6m, run 9m bike
Tues: 4m run, 9m bike
Wed: 12.5m, 9m am home to work, 3.5 pm workout. 6x200. 33, 30, 30, 30, 30, 29. Felt really comfortable until the last one. Pushed hard and felt like it should have been 27-28. I'll get it next time.
Thur: 6m run, 9m bike
Fri: 0m run, 9m bike
Sat: 0
Sun: 18m, pisgah 23k plus a little extra. oops!
Total: 46.5

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

week 9/5 - 9/11

Mon: 0
Tues: 5.5m, rail trail, biked 12 miles
Wed: 9m, 1:05:03. Pouring rain, flooded trails up to my knees. This makes it fun. I Love running!!
Thur: 6m, including 5x400 equal rest. 83, 79, 75, 78, 80. Wanted to do 6 in 77-78 range but felt bad and started falling of pace so I cut it short. Not to up set, only 3 days post halfmarathon. I'll fell better next week.
Fri: 6m
Sat: 0
Sun: 0
Total: 26.5

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8/29 - 9/4

Mon: 7.5, work to home, Angella was driving by and picked me up. Sometimes its hard to say no and keep on running.
Tues: 9m, home to work, 1:03:37
Wed: 6m, rail trail
Thur: 0
Sun: 16m, with half marathon
Total: 39

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

week of 8/22 - 8/28

Mon: 9m, work to home-59:37
Tues: 9m, home to work-1:02:24
Wed: biked 9 miles am, track workout pm.
I did not know what I was going to do for a workout so I did one 400@ 75 and felt pretty good so I did a couple of sets with James and Brad. 200, 400, 600 with 200 rest after the 2's and 4's. times were as follows. 200@ 32, 400@ 75, 600@ 2:03, 400 rest then 200@ 31, 400@ 78, 600@ 1:59. total 3m for day. I felt better than expected and would have liked to do one more set but I had to go pick up Bryant a soccor practice. Havn't decided if I will be at the track next week or do the 3 mile fun run in Brattleboro.
Thur: 9m, work to home-1:04:32
Fri: 9m, home to work-1:03:47
Sat: 0
Sun: 0
Total: 39

Thursday, August 18, 2011

week of 8/15-8/21

Mon: 0
Tues: 7m, rail bed north
Wed: 6m, rail bed north at noon/ pm 8 including 3 mile race 17:49, felt heavy
Thur: 9m, work to home
Fri: 9m, work to home, 9m bike ride
Sat: 9m home to work
Sun: 0
Total: 48, first week over 25 in a long time. Legs very tired

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mon: 9 miles, 58:43
Tues: 9 miles, 1:04:21
Wed: 6 miles, including workout. 4x400 @ 75

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

fall marathon training

Monday: 9 miles in 1:01:34. I tried to push into a tempo run but could never get the pace down were I need it. I can still feel the marathon in my legs. I'm still happy with the run though. Anything around an hour is good.
Tuesday: 9 miles in 1:05:17. Feel good. Not to hard. Mountain biked 12 miles in about 45 minutes. Pretty hard ride, felt good.
Wednesday: Biked 9 miles, ran 7 on rail bed, fartlek run
Thur: 4 miles of hills, 30:00
Fri: off
Sat: off
Sun: off
Total: 29

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vermont City


Ang did an amazing job on a brutally hot day. 90% humidity and in the 80's. She ran with Jen Porter, lifelong family friend and wife to Jason Porter, for the first half in 2:07. At the half way point Ang's sister, Melanie, picked up the second half from Jen and finished in 4:38. The heat really started to get to them along with the distance. She is very excited and feeling really good just days later although says she will never run another marathon. Although she has already signed us up for the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in Providence R.I. on August 7th. Go Ang, great job.

As for myself, I did just about how I expected to do having not done any long runs. One fifteen miler 5 weeks ago just doesn't cut it. I still finished in 3:06:04. I think this is a good place to start hard training for a fall marathon. I was hoping to run around 7:00 minute pace, but basically just ran off how I was feeling. The first 5 miles were at 6:40-6:45 and feeling pretty easy. Once the heat started in I began to slow. Around 14 miles I really began to feel like I was struggling. Although the drummers at the bottom of the hill at 15 miles really pumped me up to get over the hill. Overall I had a good day, alot of fun with family and friends, and a good training run. Some of my spits are, 10 miles- 1:07:32, half- 1:28:15, 18 miles-2:02:27. I am feeling good and ready to start training hard to run a 2:50 marathon this fall.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

get it together

I haven't been blogging, I have time to run, or time to blog, not both. Guess which takes priority? I haven't been putting in any big miles but the runs I am doing are going amazingly well. Judgeing from my workouts I think I am close to being in the best shape I have been in for this time of year. My tempo runs are getting longer and easier. The main problem is I haven't been able to get any long stuff in at this point. That all starts this weekend at Vermont City. Why not have my first long run of the season be 26.2 miles. Best to run before you crawl I always say. I am looking forward to a great summer. Angella is felling great and she wants to do more racing this year after the marathon. She is all set for her first 26.2 miler, a little nervous although she won't admit it. She is also excited to be raising money for research, she feels she has to do this to give back for her increasingly good health. This is her website for all those interested in helping her out. She is the strongest and most determined person I have ever met, and she puts it to good use. I keep my fingers crossed for luck and pray for her to have a long, happy and meaningful life. I love you Ang.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

heavy legs

Mon.- 9 miles home from work, 1:05:07. Legs feel aweful, very tired and muscle soreness.
Tues. Mountain biked 10 miles, 45 minutes, legs still feel heavy. no soreness
Wed.-2 mile warm up. workout, 200, 200, 800 x 4. I only managed three sets. I was drastically falling off the pace starting the last set so I called it quits. times- 35, 35, 2:43, 36, 35, 2:46, 34, 35, 2:53, 37.
Thur.- 4 miles easy
Fri.- 0
Sat.- 0
Sun.- 12 with Angella, very easy pace
total;- 29

Sports Medicine 5k

18:16. Ran foolishly, as normol. 5:30 first mile, 6:05 sencond, 6:05 third, 36 second finish. Felt horrible after the first.
Sunday- 12 miles am- 1:30, 14 miles pm pushing Peyton in stroller and pacing Ang. 2:15. Very tired.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fast friends

I thought I was going out way to fast because boj was right with me, and the pace felt hard. When we got to the mile at the bottom of Ash Hill I realized it was actually slow, this was going to be a tough day, Boj was taking it easy. I pushed hard up the hill to stay with some young buck, which seemed to work ok, because I was able to get past him on the down and he never came back up to me. The rest of the race just plain felt hard. This is what I get for taking the winter off from running then trying to jump back into it. It was a pr for the course, so I guess that is good. My spits, 6:04, 6:02, 6:05, 6:14, 3:06 for last half mile.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mon. 0
Tues. 4 miles hills on treadmill
Wed. workout. I went into this with no expectations, just see how I feel. 1x 1600 in 5:59, 2 x800 2:52 2:40, 2x400@ 76, 75, 2x200@ 32, 31. I felt good and very pleased. This gives me some idea of what I need to work on after a long winter off. total 8
Thur. 4 treadmill
Fri. 0
Sat. 0
Sun. 11 with Angella
Total. 23

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeling motivated

Mon. 0
Tues. 4 miles hill repeats, 29:12
Wed. 9 miles home from work, 1:09:37
Thur. 9 miles to work from home, 1:11:41, 4 miles on tread mill after work, 30:47, and upper body workout.
Fri. 0
Sat. 8 miles easy
Sun. 0
Total 30, felt good

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting back in to it.

Wed. 4 miles, 28:30. Felt good.
Thur. 4 miles, 29:41
Fri. 0
Sat. 0
Sun. 9 miles with Angella, 1:27:57, 3 by my self, 21:07 felt good
Total. 20

It's been a while.

I haven't blogged in a while, I haven't run in a while. Not much any way. I have been trying to get in a couple a week. Today is the first day to start keeping track. First goal, Vermont City, not to pr but to finish respectably and enjoy the day.
Angella is still planning on using it as her first marathon, so her training is starting to come along well. She has found a charity to raise money for research and treatments for non-small cell lung caner in non-smoking woman. Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of premature death in woman and more common for non-smoking woman to get than non-smoking men. Lung cancer, unfortunatly is one of the smallest recipients of funding for research and development of treatment and cures. Angella says she has got to the point that she is at for a reason and wants to put it to the best use she can. She wants to help others as much as possible and possible even herself if they can someday find a cure for her cancer. She has started a web site which I will be posting shortly for anybody who wants to help with a donation.