Monday, September 19, 2011

Pisgah 23k( or perhaps 30k, if you don't think clearly)

Race morning was a little chilly, which generally means for great racing weather this time of year. Today was no exception. Standing at the start was a little cool but it didn't take long to get warmed up. I did not do a warm up run, figured I didn't need to. By the first hill on Horseshoe road I was at a perfect running temp. I started out pretty conservatively, I knew I had some hard work ahead of me. At the split from the 50k guys is were I was able to see who I would be racing against. I was having one of those rare days where everything felt like it was clicking just right. I felt good. Justin and some other guy were about 150-200 yards ahead, which in the woods is barley in sight. Justin was just doing a training run, otherwise I would not have been able to see him at all. When we got to the right turn onto Resevoir I thought for a spit second that we needed to turn. Should have listened to my inner self. I know these trails really well. I have no excuses for not making the turn. Instead what transgressed was my lack of self confidence in decision making and I second guessed myself. I decided that the guys in front were the ones I needed to follow. I just did not want to lose sight of them. Big mistake. After 2 miles running down hill we realized we had missed the turn. Long run back up hill to find the trail, spirit broken. Once I got back up to the trail I almost ran straight back to the road and called it a day. I just couldn't bring my self to do it. I decided to hammer the course the best that I could and try to make up as much ground as I could. I felt confident pounding out the hills, relaxing on the down hills, and hammering the flats. It was actually a lot of fun passing people through out the rest of the race. The closer I got to the finish the harder it was to get past other runners, which made me have to push harder than I normally would have. Once I got to the road I was able to really lengthen my stride and push the pace to the finish. I made up alot of ground, but not enough. I think we added at least 3-4 miles on to the race. It was a beatiful day, great weather, amazing views. The course was well marked and handled. I love this race. Approx. 18 miles in 2:19. I'll take it. I hope to be back for the 50k next year or a least the 23.


  1. Clint - tough break - I would second guess myself too if I saw everyone ahead of me go the wrong way. I'm glad you could still enjoy the rest of your run. Great job!

  2. Sorry we lead you astray. Just made for more miles for the money. Couldn't have asked for a better day to go for a long run. Nice job!

  3. Oh no.... I was wondering what had happened-why you were coming by me so late in the race! Good job anyway!