Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Mon: 9m, 1:4:25, work to home
Tues: 9m, 1:07:31, home to work
Wed: 9m, 1:04:57, home to work, workout. 2x1200, 400, 2x200. times- 4:08(82,86,80), 3:59(85,79,75), 70, 30, 31. All with 400 rest except the 200 had 200 rest. total daily mileage 14m.
Thur: 0
Fri: 9m, home to work, 58:35. I left the house 5 minutes late this morning so I pushed the pace to make up the time.
Sat: 8m, 1:01:12
Sun: 15.5m, felt ok at the start. First 8.5m at 7:30 pace or so, the last 7m under 7:oo minute pace. Felt strong on the finish. Should have and wanted to do more but I didn't want to increase my weekly mileage to fast. This is the biggest week I have run since 2005, and after reviewing old logs books I realized it is the third biggest week I have ever had. The two biggest being a 66m and a 75m leading up to my first marathon. Those were the closing weeks before a taper were as know I am just starting my base building through the winter for next year. I guess I see how it goes. Should be interesting.
Total: 64.5m and feeling good.