Tuesday, October 4, 2011

week of 10/3-10/9

Mon: 5m around Keene Pm.
Tues: 14m total, 9m, home to work, 59:51, 5m, lunchtime
Wed: 14m total, 9m, home to work, 1:05:31, 5m workout. Goal- 3x1mile @ 5:30, 400 rest. Actual workout, 2xmile, 1x800. (5:31), (5:28), (2:41). The wind on the back stretch was absolutly rediculous. I knew in the first quarter that my goal was shot. But after the workout I realized I probably could have met my goals, which really excites me because I may be in better shape than I thought. I am more pleased with my workout more than I would have been if I completed the whole goal on a calm day.
Thur: 6m, lunch time
Fri: 8.5m, home to work, 1:03:51
Sat: 0
Sun: 15m, 1:56:07
Total: 61.5m
Week in review. I had a pretty good week overall. I have been battling what I believed to be a sinus infection for a couple of weeks. I can always tell because the pressure in my sinuses makes my upper teeth hurt when I run. So I was pretty sure this was the case. The fact that I hate taking medication makes me also hate going to the doctors. Finally I could not stand the pain any longer so on Thursday I went. Sure enough, sinus infection. Sure enough antibiotics. For some reason whenever I have been on antibiotics my running really suffers. My legs have no strength and and feel very heavy. Such was the case on my lsd on Sunday. I turned what I wanted of a 20m into a struggle to get 15. Still a good week. One more week on meds. then I can start to feel better again.

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