Friday, July 30, 2010

week 5

Monday: off
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 8x400, 400 rest. 75 seconds to 78 seconds. Felt good, but a little discouraged, always want to go faster. total 8 miles
Thursday: off
Friday: off
Saturday: 8 easy
Sunday: 20 in 2:24:39, felt good, a little tight in my left calf. Plenty of energy left.
Week Total: 36
Yearly Total: 171.5

Monday, July 19, 2010

Time to find more miles, week 4

Monday: 5.5 easy pm, legs felt very heavy tonight. Hope to lighten up for Wednesday workout.
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: Wed. workout with Keenyans. 12x200@35. 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down for a total of 7, I didn't have a watch so I just followed Wilson. I had to watch the kids so I missed a few, I think Wilson did 14. I could not handle and more anyway, just getting back to training is reminds you of how fast we loose fitness and how hard it is to get it back.
Thursday: off
Friday: off
Saturday: Dublin 5k, mile splits- 5:20, 6:00, 7:30. I tried to go out hard and just hang on to the last mile which is all up hill and just make a good workout with it. I slowed to much on the hill but still felt pretty good. total 6 miles.
Sunday: 14 am with Bill Gillard - 7:25 pace. , 12 with Angella in afternoon. total 26 for the day. Feel great.
Week total: 44.5
Yearly Total: 135.5

Monday, July 12, 2010

Miles, Miles, Miles, Week 3

Tuesday:3, easy
Wednesday:8.5 with track, 4.5 warmup, 4x200@36, 6x400@72, 400 recovery on each, 2 cooldown.
Thursday: off, time is the key, I can't seem to find the time.
Friday: I found a little time to get out today. 8 miles no watch, pouring rain, lightning, thunder, 3 inches of water on the road, I love running.
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 12 am with Bill Gillard/ 11pm with Angella pushing Jace in the stroller. Not easy.
Total Week: 42.5
Total Consecutive: 91

Two in a row

Monday: Summer Sizzler with Fila. 2.5, 16:27, felt aweful, but fun
Tuesday: 8 no watch
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: off
Saturday: Moxie day 5k in Lisbon Me. Very tough, HILLS, HILLS, HILLS. 18:31. Very Pleased with my time. Won my division with 480 people in the race. total 6 miles
Sunday: Off, hungover.
Total Week: 16.5, didn't build any fitness this week.
Total Consecutive: 48.5