Friday, September 24, 2010

Pisgah 50k

I already said it at Glenn and Gina's house after the race, and I will say it again. Nobody should ever run that hard or that long. Next year I'm running sub 4:30!
I thought I ran very conservatively, I felt great until about 11 miles when I rolled my right ankle pretty bad. I can often run through rolled ankles, this one had me scared. It reminded me of seven sisters. I tried but had to walk/limp for a mile to the aid station. My week mind actually thought about dropping out, Only for a second! After stretching and massaging and letting 10 people go by I decided to hop along to the finish in hopes it would some how feel better. This went on for 8 miles. it started to feel better just before the first kilburn stop, then it started to feel better(numb) so I could actually run with a decent stride again. It all came together when I saw someone infront of me. Thats what put in into my second wind and kept me there when I passed the next to runners, and was somehow able to hold it to the finish. I can't even explain how good it felt to get to the road and push the pace again after slogging over the ridge, and Davis, and Hubbard. Yeah, I finished. That was the best part of the day, but I honestly think I could have run 15-20 minutes faster had I not rolled and ankle. Enough belly aching. No excuses. I ran the best I could have, and will do better next year.


  1. Good race, Clint. I bet it was fun moving fast at the end of the race. I was dying! I'm already excited for next year's race too.

  2. Nice race Clint! It was good seeing ya! That 50k is one brutal course.