Tuesday, March 16, 2010

week 2, getting excited

It was great to be able to see the group on Saturday at Justin's house. Just being around such a group gives me motivation and excitement to start training again. I am planning on starting workouts with the Keenyans on Wednesdays. Should be alot of fun. Now to just get fit enough to hit some long runs.

Monday - 4m/27:28, felt good just ran out of time.
Tuesday - the dreaded off day, looking foward to workout.
Wednesday- what a workout. My first one back and It felt great. Running with the Keenyans can make anybody motivated to run fast. Looking foward to hitting these everyweek.
7x400 full rest, 2x200 200 recovery
400's - 68,75,73,76,75,72,71
2oo's - 30,31
I was able to hang on a little faster than I thought I could. Although I wish I could have done one more 4 and two more 2's. Maybe next time. Total of 9.5 with warm up and cool down.
Thursday - 5m/ 41:07, easy run to loosen things up, a little tight after yesterday's workout.
Friday - 0 miles, had to work late.
Saturday - 9m/1:07:21
Sunday - Was hoping for a long run but didn't happen.
Week Total:28.5
This was a bad week. I will have to find a way to get more miles in next week and there after.

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