Friday, April 9, 2010

week 5

Mon. 9 total, five on roads and 4 on treadmill
Tues. off
Wed. 7 total.Wednesday workout was great. 3 mile warm up. 400@72,800@2:32,800@2:40, 400@75, 200@31,200@32,200@32,200@33, 1.5 mile cool down with Angella. I felt fast, I need more endurance, hence bigger mileage. It was hot but felt good. Its been a long time since we ran in the heat. I was VERY excited that Ang. was able to come out and run. I am so happy to see her out there. Justin said in his blog that she is superwoman, I would agree with that!
Thur. Off
Fri. Off

Sat. 9 miles, 1:01:34, felt good, very comfortable
Week Total:

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