Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Marathon

AS said previously, I tried to go from couch slog shape into pr marathon shape in 10 10-12 weeks. Yeah, right. Don't know what I was thinking. All was going good until about a month before the race, them my overzealousness caught up with me. Apparently I cannot do a 24 mile long run, 9mile tempo run, and three mile race all within 4 days. When I got up that Thursday morning my left calf told me so. Two weeks out from the race I was worried I might not make it to the starting line. I gave it one last hard workout, a 3 mile race again, then all of a sudden the next morning the pain was gone. WOW. Now I am excited. I did a mile race on Wednesday before the Sunday marathon and ran 5:07 and felt great. I felt great up until race morning when I had no energy at mile 2, it was tough to get to mile 20 but I did it at a 2:55 marathon projected time. Then it all fell apart. I managed to stager in 3:12, still qualified for Boston, but way under my pr and planned race. Oh well. Swanzey half up next, then Pisgah, then redemption after last years horrible De Mar.

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