Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mileage to this point this year, not enough to remember. This has been a really busy year thus far. Unfortunately life has not left a lot of time to run. I have recently made a move to force myself to have the motivation to get up early and start training. Earlier this week I decided I wanted to run Boston next year. I will have to renew my qualifying time as the last one has expired. Also, from what I have been reading, merely qualifying may not get me in. The goal is to beat my bq time by at least 15 to 20 minutes. The problem is the marathon I signed up for is on August 18. I did this to guarantee time to register for Boston when reg. opens in Sept. This gives me 12 weeks of solid training to go from the worst shape I have been in for 10 years, to a mararthon pr. Lets see, I need to loose 25 pounds, go from zero miles to 70 a week in just a few weeks, increase intensity to maintain pace for 26 miles, and not get injured doing so. Did I mention I will be a masters runner at the time of the race.  To look at it another way, kind of like floating down a lazy river on a leaking raft, 100 yards later you are in a class 5 white water, 100 more yards and your going over a 300 foot water fall with sharp pointy rocks at the bottom.................Sounds fun, Bring It On!!!!!

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