Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, New routine

      My routine has not been conducive to running lately. Needless to say I have not run a step since DeMar. Then on New Years Day my 7 year old Jace said something to make me change all that. Ang, Jace and I went to the Peanut Butter Chip 5k. Ang ran solo, and Jace wanted to run also, he actually asked to run a 5k as a Christmas Present. What better present than one of the harder 5k's in the area. I decided to just run with Jace to make sure he was ok. Yeah, no problem there. He hit the first mile in 9 minutes flat, this is all up hill mind you. Then ran just under 10 minutes each for the remaining 2 miles. Finished in 29 and change. Only 3 minutes behind his mom. Any ways, back to the question. He asked me how he could get faster, I obviously told him he needed to run more often. Then the question came, How come to don't run more often? What kind of example am I setting for him? I guess he is old enough to understand what kind of lifestyle we live and it is up to me to be the example that a regular routine is part of  that lifestyle. Hence the reason I ran to work Thur. morning at 7 below zero. I have no excuses not to run, and I guess sometime the ambition came come from somewhere you would not expect it. I will be thinking everyday I wake up what kind of example am I going to set for my children today?

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  1. Awesome Christmas present! I'm gonna tell my kids at school about this story. Glad to hear you're running again!